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I narrate medical training and promotional material despite having no medical knowledge whatsoever.

I wrote this demo myself and if you are in the medical profession you will realise that it makes absolutely no sense at all.

I narrate complex technical material for clients with a bewildering array of disciplines and terminology, little of which I actually understand.

I wrote this demo myself from random phrases pulled out of an operating manual for an industrial lathe.

I voice commercials for all kinds of products, many of which I’ve never heard of.

I wrote the demo myself for a cheese identification app that doesn’t exist….. but should.

I narrate audio and destination guides for locations and cultural heritage sites across the world.

I love art and history but completely made up this fictitious story about a non-existent battle in the Midlands.

I narrate corporate training and promotional material for financial groups and institutions all over the world despite not having an iota of financial knowledge

I wrote this demo myself and if you are at all involved in finance you will immediately notice that it's complete gibberish.

I narrate destination and travel guides for locations worldwide.

I wrote this demo myself extolling the virtues of Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place on earth.

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