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  • All prices quotes are pro-rata


  • All copyright, intellectual property rights, broadcast rights and any other rights associated with the author (Simon Talbot) and the authors works and/or performances shall remain with the author. Upon full payment of invoice, the following licence is granted by the author for usage rights of the works listed on the invoice as follows;


  • Licence Details: The author’s works may be used by the client/hiring company for a period of one year, unless otherwise stated, upon which time the works shall cease to be used, or an additional usage payment (equal to the usage payment statement on the invoice) shall be made to the author. The author’s works may only be used for the agreed product or service (and any of the platforms or mediums) detailed in the invoice line - items, and not in any additional products or services in the future, unless otherwise stated.

      The author’s works may only be used in the geographical region as specified in the invoice line-items, 

      unless otherwise stated; if no geographical region is stated then the licence specifies that this is the to any

      client/hiring company’s location only. The client/hiring company may not transfer the works, nor this 

      licence to any third parties without the written consent of the author.

  • Re-recordings: The author will correct any mistakes made (that are the fault of the author) on the works free of charge and will work on a goodwill and best-endeavours basis for subjective changes requested to the works by the client/hiring company, however any additional works requested by the client/hiring company will be invoiced separately as agreed between the author and the client/hiring company.

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