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Why Is A Good Voice Important For My E Learning / Explainer Video?

Thanks to the development of the internet and our increasing reliance on digital media, the "Explainer Video" has become an incredibly popular corporate tool. An "Explainer Video" or "Whiteboard Video" is a short animated presentation used by a corporation or entrepreneur to "explain" elements of their business , usually to clients or potential/existing customers but also sometimes to their own members of staff who need to be kept up to speed on the latest products or corporate policies.

Its important that "Explainer Video" information is delivered in a  manor that is clear and easy to understand but also that commands attention and is friendly and engaging to listen to.

Explainer Videos are used by companies large and small and are now an essential part of a business's digital presence and if you are looking to produce one , you will need a voiceover who is experienced in narrating them


An "Explainer Video" can be a great way to promote brand awareness while developing a personality for your company. If you are going to use E learning presentations as part of your digital training portfolio, the selection of a talented voice actor to narrate them will be paramount.

Based in Ipswich UK, Simon Talbot is a voiceover artist who has many years of experience in delivering training and learning material for companies all over the world.


Since 2007 he has been an "Explianer Voiceover" for companies such as luxury car manufacturers, Porsche to the digital team at AVG, his voice has helped companies deliver the message that is most important to them. Outside his time in the sound booth, Talbot has performed as a standup comedian and been an audio producer, and a copywriter. Thanks to his mixed background of multiple talents, Talbot has a perfect understanding of how to deliver your explainer video's message most effectively. Interested parties can contact Simon Talbot directly via his voice acting website!

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