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How Can I Hire the Best British Voice Actor Near Me?

"Having an engaging voice to narrate your commercial or E learning presentation can make the difference between your audience listening carefully to what you have to say or just wondering what to cook for dinner that night.

A good voice is warm and friendly but also professional trustworthy - someone who knows what they are talking about and on whose words you can rely.

You need  the best male voice over artist in Ipswich, UK, Simon Talbot.

Looking for a "British Voice Over near me" can be a daunting task as there are many tens of thousands to choose from online. Marketing and Brand Development agencies suggest that you hire not only hire a voice that engages and welcomes YOU personally but also one that has a proven track record of completing high quality work for high profile clients such as yourself.

You could spend countless hours listening to an avalanche of demos until you're not sure which way is up...or you could hire Simon Talbot - a professional voice over talent based in the United Kingdom who has been bringing words to life since 2007.

Simon Talbot has been an audio producer, an advertising copywriter, a radio broadcaster and even a stand up comedian. He combines his experience in all of these fields along with a warm, deep, trustworthy and friendly voice to tell your story how it needs to be told.

Simon Talbot has worked with cultural organisations such as The BBC, The Discovery Channel and the National Gallery in London. He's worked for brands such as Porsche, Skoda, DHL, Siemens, Nissan, Aviva and Carlsberg, Simon Talbot has even worked on projects for The United Nations.

As a Voice over, a Voice actor, a Narrator and a Storyteller Simon Talbot offers a fast, professional, and friendly service.

He'd love to hear from you."  



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