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Hire Simon Talbot For Your Voiceover Needs!

Finding, hiring, and employing a credible British male voice over talent can be a difficult task. After all, the internet is filled to the brim with reputable voice actors who have the skills to get the job done. Yet within the massive world of voiceover talent, you'll find that Simon Talbot is one of the most diverse, talented, and accomplished performers in the industry. If you are looking to hire a British male voice over talent from Ipswich, UK, you've come to the right place!


One of the keys to finding a great voiceover talent is focusing on the warmth of the voice doing the delivering. A great voice can be rendered unusable for marketing purposes if it lacks warmth and sincerity. For that reason, many are turning to Simon Talbot as their number one choice for British male voice over in Suffolk. Talbot brings a deep contemporary polish to every line - he is also skilled at technical, dramatic and even comedic roles.

Based in the United Kingdom, Simon Talbot has been performing as a voice actor since 2007. In the years since, Simon Talbot has worked with some truly high-profile companies. Talbot's voice has featured on projects for the BBC, the Discovery Channel, Porsche, Skoda, Canon, Siemens, Royal Canin, DHL, and even The United Nations. With a focus on clear delivery and enunciation, it is no surprise that Simon Talbot is considered the warmest British male voice over in Suffolk.


If you would like to discuss how Simon Talbot can help with your project, the easiest way to contact him is through his website. You can reach Talbot via email, Skype, and telephone as well as through his website contact form. Simon Talbot specialises in E learning presentation, Corporate and training videos, Commercials and "Explainer"/Whiteboard Videos. Talbot can be heard on television, radio, and online, but also at live events, conferences, and as part of IVR systems and apps.

With a broadcast quality studio and professional digital editing facilities, Simon Talbot can respond to your voice over requirements with speed and flexibility.   

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