At school, a Careers Teacher once gave me a leaflet entitled “So you want to be an Estate Agent?”  I rather precociously wrote “No I don’t, I want to be a Radio Presenter” across the top and handed it back to him (I have nothing against Estate Agency by the way)

Whilst vividly illustrating what an obnoxious little know-it-all I was at the age of 14, my leaflet vandalism was also a pretty accurate prediction of what I would ultimately do with my future.

Hospital Radio, Student Radio, Community Radio, Internet Radio, Commercial Radio and BBC Radio, in the last twenty years I have spent an inordinate amount of time behind a microphone.

For much of that time, I have also been a professional voice talent, lending my voice to a wide variety of projects from complex e-learning modules to TV documentaries, radio commercials, corporate presentations, and audiobooks.

When not in a studio I have performed as a stand-up comedian and been employed as both an audio producer and an advertising copywriter. This means as a voice over with home recording and editing  facilities I fully understand the importance of timing and delivery, high production values and the clarity of the message.

I also thoroughly enjoy what I do and look forward to each new project that comes my way.

If you like what you hear, it would be great to work with you, if however, you are more interested in becoming an Estate Agent, my careers teacher and I suggest this link.



  • TV and Radio Documentaries

  • Corporate Presentations

  • Audio Tours

  • E Learning

  • Destination Guides

  • Training Videos

  • “Explainer” Videos

  • Inflight Announcements / Entertainment

  • Audiobooks





  • Porsche

  • Siemens

  • Nissan-Petromin

  • Carlsberg

  • Gardena

  • Audeze

  • JYSK

  • Grundfos

  • Royal Canin

  • TACV


  • SaxoPrint

  • Beirholm

  • Smarteq

  • DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS

  • Fjordline


  • BBC

  • Kwik Fit

  • AirTours

  • William Hill

  • Tempur Sealy

  • Solidor

  • Npower


  • Rockwell Automation

  • The Fifteen Group


  • The Discovery Channel

  • The National Gallery

  • Tate Modern

  • Jersey Heritage

  • The Longitude Prize 2014


  • Aviva

  • The Aztec group

  • QBE Insurance Group

  • ING

  • Swiss Re Insurance

  • Bangkok Insurance


  • Novo Nordisk

  • Nuffield Health


  • Global Wind Service

  • Vestas Wind Farms

  • Marathon Oil

  • Sizewell Nuclear Power Station


  • Agility crops

  • AVG



I have a home recording studio, using a SHURE SM7B mic through a dbx 286s preamp and Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface.

I edit using Adobe Audition CC and can turn work around quickly, delivering finished audio in MP3, WAV or CD format or can upload via FTP.

To hear an example of a home studio recording, click below.

Home Studio Example - Simon Talbot
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EMAIL: simon@simontalbotvoice.com            

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